A Guide to Bespoke Perfumes – Bespoke & Custom Fragrance

A Guide to Bespoke Perfumes – Bespoke & Custom Fragrance

Perfumes date back thousands of years, when rare oils and fragrant herbs were used to mark life’s special occasions. Thus, it is not surprising that perfumes are highly appreciated as gifts. However, choosing a fragrance for someone can be difficult since an overwhelming array of perfumes exists in the market, today. To buy the “right,” perfume for someone, you may want to make a checklist on their likes and dislikes and extrapolate these to their choice in perfumes. In this instance, a bespoke fragrance (meaning custom-made or made to order) may be your best choice.

What is a Bespoke Perfume

When people hear the word “bespoke,” they immediately think of T-shirts, suits, wedding gowns, etc. However, bespoke perfumes have taken the idea to a completely new level, letting the buyer consider the personality and the choices the individual makes for whom they are buying the perfume. In terms of perfumery, bespoke means creating a range of perfume without any specified combination of ingredients or by combining multiple fragrances to come up with a unique blend.

Difference between Bespoke and Eau de Parfum

People may have trouble differentiating between a bespoke fragrance and an eau de parfum, thinking them one and the same. While they may look the same, the concentration of oils in bespoke perfumes and eau de parfum are different: the latter has a higher concentration of essential oils present making it more durable than the former.

Creating a Bespoke Perfume

Although there are several ways to discover your signature scent, none beats the exclusivity of a bespoke perfume: it’s made only for the wearer. Making a perfume on your own does not require graduating with a certain degree; rather a little bit of imagination and some knowledge of essential oils is enough. There are several websites that can be taken as reference if an individual wants to make their own perfume. The alternative, although extremely expensive, is getting someone with a “nose,” for fragrances to create your perfume for you. This will definitely save you a lot of experimentation, but keep in mind that it can take up to six meetings to get the right fragrance, and six months to a year to create it.

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