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Welcome to Hamdah

The Exquisite House of Fragrances

At Hamdah Fragrance, we are proud creators of premium sustainable fragrances packed with natural ingredients fragrance of the highest quality. Each of our products is carefully crafted with a handpicked blend of scents to bring our customers something unique and unforgettable. Our range is designed for both men and women, with unisex products available too.

We offer something for everyone; whether you’re treating yourself or choosing a gift for someone special, Hamdah’s sustainable and natural ingredients fragrance collection brings both classic and contemporary aromas together in harmony. The result is a range of timeless scents that can be worn day or night, whatever the occasion.

The Fusion of East and West

Hamdah’s origins are in the vibrant and enigmatic Arabian Peninsula, where founder, Enshirah Al-khamar, spent her formative years. From childhood, she was inspired by the perfumed air of her native surroundings, and the powerful links between scent, memory and emotion have stayed with her since moving to England, where she spent 10 years working in research and development before qualifying as a chartered chemist.
She longed to capture the essence of musky sandalwood, sweet rose and woody jasmine of her home country, as well as the essential aromas of pine, geranium and summer herbs, reminiscent of an English country garden.

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Fascinated by nature’s own scents, and their incomparable warmth and depth over pure synthetic fragrances, the dream of Hamdah Fragrance was born: a union between past and present; between Arabia and England; between East and West.

Using her skills of precision and patience as a chemist, Al-khamar embarked on the next step of her journey – perfumery – and never looked back…


Sustainable Fragrance, In-House Production

At Hamdah Fragrance, each and every one of our luxurious scents is made in-house in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, in small batches to ensure unbeatable quality and consistency at every stage of production.

We source all our ingredients from trusted industry suppliers so that every one of our products is as close to its natural origins and as environmentally friendly as possible. The end result embodies all the qualities that Hamdah holds most dear: luxury, elegance and timelessness.

Explore the Hamdah collection today, and watch this space for gorgeous new products on the horizon, including fragranced candles, creams and home diffusers.