Guide to Choosing Unisex Perfumes for Your Collection

Guide to Choosing Unisex Perfumes for Your Collection

The first sense that a human body develops is the sense of smell, and that is why it is also the first to be influenced by identity and gender. Gender biases are present and are in full swing in the perfume industry. For instance, florals for girls and woody scents for men have become a familiar concept for perfumeries to lay the foundation of their business on.

Currently, the idea of using gender-specific fragrances has shifted slightly to make way for unisex perfumes – fragrances that both men and women can wear. More people are taking to buy online perfumes with characteristics and scents suitable for all genders. With the lines between men’s and women’s perfumes blurring, we present a guide to buying unisex perfumes for your collection.

Difference Between Eau de Toilette and Parfum

The major difference between a l’eau de toilette and a l’eau de parfum is intensity. Eau de toilette has a low percentage of essential oils (about 4%-10%) with a higher alcohol level suitable for daily use. On the other hand, eau de parfum has more essential oils and are usually more expensive. Unisex perfumes are put in the category of eau de parfum and are available at perfume online shops at a relatively high price.

Categories of Unisex Perfumes

There are different sorts of unisex fragrances available, whether you buy perfumes online or from a store. Chances are you’ll be drawn to each one so deciding on one will be difficult. To make things easy for you, we list the categories here:

Fresh: A zesty, refreshing and calming fragrance that is easy to wear for all sporty types.

Oriental: Perfect for those who want to make a bold impression with an intense and warm sense.

Woody: A popular fragrance type for men and a preferred choice for unisex perfume makers for both genders.

Floral: One of the most popular types for women and the most common one in unisex perfumes.

Chypre: For those who want to stand out, this type gives musky, mossy notes with dry fragrances.

Citrus: A lively, tangy and robust scent usually with lemon or lime essence, preferred by both men and women.

Others: Other common types include fruity smells like berry, mango and apples and scents like vanilla and chocolate, etc.

The above will help you distinguish between your choices of fragrances when you decide to buy perfumes online. This will make it easier for you to narrow your search.

How to Put on Unisex Fragrances


  • Rub Vaseline in places you apply perfume to make the smell last longer
  • Spray after you shower as the moisture will help lock in the smell


  • Do not rub your wrists after you apply the perfume as it makes notes disappear
  • Do not store them in warm places as it destroys their quality
  • Do not use it on your hair as it will dry it out

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