How to Score Free Perfume Samples Online

How to Score Free Perfume Samples Online

There comes a time in a person’s life when they are on the lookout for their next favourite fragrance. Finding a suitable fragrance online can be daunting; however, before you commit to buying one online, be sure to score samples of new and popular scents to make the right decision. After all, there are several options available that range from traditional colognes to small-batch fragrances. Free samples are the easiest way of trying out new scents without paying a hefty amount for the whole perfume, and we recommend that you get them before you buy online perfumes.


How Do You Find Free Samples

As a person seeking free samples (whether it’s a whiff of the fragrance you’re interested in, or a tiny vial of the perfume), you’ll be glad to know that there are many sources, both online and offline, from where you can acquire them. Here we list several sources for obtaining free perfume samples.


  • Reward Programs

Reward programs from perfume online shops, renowned brands, and designers offer free samples of fragrances for you to check before buying them. Some offer fragrance samples with their other fragrances or products, while others provide free samples with or without an online purchase. Some other brands offer you to sign you up for newsletters, after which they send you a catalogue of free samples each month; others buy a page or two in a fashion magazine for scented ads that they’re promoting. It depends on the store you choose or the brand you prefer from which you’re seeking free samples.


  • Ask at a Department Store

Whenever you visit a department store or a mall, ask for a fragrance sample there. Usually, these perfume samples are available upon request or when a company wants to entice potential customers to try out and hopefully buy their new fragrance. If nothing else, the salesperson will spray the fragrance on a piece of cardboard and give you this. Renowned brands offer free samples you in their promotion and marketing campaigns as well.


  • Exchange Your Personal Information for a Free Sample

Another way to score a sample from a perfume online shop is to exchange your personal information. Just like signing up for a newsletter, some brands offer samples in exchange for your personal information. Visit your favourite brand’s website and look for a free sample tab on it. Usually, you receive samples for currently trending fragrances once you’ve answered certain questions or surveys.


  • Work As a Product Tester

Many beauty products and perfume manufacturers hire people to test their product(s). If you want perfume samples, these companies will let you test their products and provide feedback, sending you free samples in return. Whichever type of beauty product you receive for testing, chances are you will score some samples for the fragrance you’re interested in.


  • Buy Individual Sample

If visiting a store just for a perfume sample is not possible due to your hectic schedule, consider purchasing individual samples of your fragrance. These samples consist of a tiny vial of the product and are sold at a meagre price. Many perfume online shops offer single samples when you buy a product.

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