How to Store a Fragrance the Right Way

How to Store a Fragrance the Right Way

Some of the most common concerns of enthusiastic perfumers are how to store their fragrances, and how long till they expire. As a renowned online perfume shop, we would like to help you out by making sure that you get the best shelf life out of your prized fragrances.

Your fragrance will not only dilute and lost its allure over time, but the discoloration and degradation can lead to a rotten smelling perfume. If stored incorrectly, it can go bad after a few months. Let us give you some tips on how to store your perfume correctly.

  •      Keep the Bottle Closed

Your perfume remains fresh until you use it. When exposed to oxygen, it starts to dilute and oxidize. The scent starts to diffuse after the bottle is opened and as a perfume online shop, we recommend that you be mindful of when you start using your fragrance.

  •      Light

Store perfume away from direct light, else it will degrade the fragrance. Instead, store it in a dark place in an upright position in its original box. You can use a dark cupboard or drawer to keep your perfumes away from light. As an online perfume shop, we also keep our inventory in dark storage until the order calls for us to take it out. As much as you want to show it off on your table, it’s better to keep it away.

  •      Use Low-Level Shelving

Use low-level shelves to store your fragrance bottles as keeping them on the top shelves will cause them to break in case of an accident. Any possible spill may cause the room to smell strongly for weeks and will be a waste of the good perfume. We also keep our online perfume shop inventory in low-level shelves to keep them in mint condition.

  •      Maintain Constant Temperature

Maintain a steady temperature in your storage area to keep perfumes fresh. Changing temperatures cause the chemical properties to change and affect the scent. As an online perfume shop, we keep our inventory cool at a constant 60 Fahrenheit and recommend that you do the same.


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