Natural Ingredients That Can Be Incorporated into Perfumes

Natural Ingredients That Can Be Incorporated into Perfumes

Since recorded history, humans have used different types of fragrances composed of natural ingredients to mask their body odor. With time, many natural and human-made materials have been incorporated to make an exclusive range of perfumes to apply to skin or clothing. These fragrances have also been used in cosmetics, cleaners and to scent the air. Due to the presence of different chemical compositions, the presence of natural materials, temperature, and body odor, no unisex perfume smells the same on everybody.

While liquid fragrances may be used as perfumes in many cases, a truly sustainable perfume is defined as an extract or essence, or natural oil distilled in alcohol. The sustainable range of fragrances contains some chief natural ingredients in its production. Let us dig more into what these ingredients are.

Some of the most common natural & essential ingredients used in perfume making include:

  • Rose Petals
  • Myrrh
  • Olibanum or Frankincense
  • Jasmine
  • Citron
  • Vanilla
  • Oakmoss
  • Sandalwood

While these are some of the most commonly used ingredients, some major extracts for an exclusive range of perfumes are briefly described below:

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are those natural ingredients present inside a plant and are a part of Mother Nature’s creations. Once extracted, these oils are highly concentrated and powerfully fragrant, meaning that they are perfect for making sustainable perfumes. Essential oils are the pure aromatic essences usually extracted from a variety of aromatic sources like roots, flowers, leaves, grass, twigs, fruits, peels, bark, seeds, or needles. Tree sap can also be part of a natural essential oil after running through an extraction process. The overall quality and scent depends on the chemical profile of the essential oil. These oils sometimes have healing capabilities or other therapeutic benefits usually not present in synthetic compounds.

  • Nature Identical Fragrance Oils

While synthetic fragrances are human-made materials made in-house by perfume manufacturers, some nature-identical (synthetic) fragrance oils are also present in making unisex perfumes. However, these oils are partially made of natural ingredients and partially synthetic. This combination eliminates the extreme potency of natural oils to some extent, and mixed with synthetic material, gives a nice aroma. The word nature-identical has some deceiving aspect to it as these oils can be partially natural or not natural at all. These oils are made from sources not present naturally or a combination of natural or synthetic aromatics. The difference that separates it from the total synthetic compound is that the chemical structure is the same as that of natural essential oil. This gives it a huge advantage in making near sustainable perfumes that have the same attributes as a natural fragrance.

  • Natural Fragrance Oils

Natural fragrance oils are also made in laboratories, but instead of using synthetic compounds, natural ingredients are isolated to get an all-natural aromatic component. The single scent obtained from the process is termed as isolates, which is a single chemical obtained from a plant that has a fragrance. It is a part of something existing in nature rather than a human-made material. The isolates are combined to form natural fragrance oils using the same process as used to obtain essential oils. The difference lies during the extraction of essential oils. First, the whole compound is extracted, and then isolate procedures take place for the natural fragrance oil – meaning taking a single scent molecule multiple times for making a wide range of perfumes. These natural fragrance oils are an essential part of the exclusive range of unisex perfumes.

Final Word

The above-mentioned natural ingredients are the main components used to create unisex perfumes of different aromas and scents. Some fragrances are single-component based, while others are produced by combining different ingredients together. The scent and composition depends on how well the components are extracted and how their chemical composition merges with others.

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