Perfumes Going Genderless: Rise in Popularity of Unisex Perfumes

Perfumes Going Genderless: Rise in Popularity of Unisex Perfumes

We’re living in times when people know what they want and don’t have to bend to other people’s wills. They go by their own preferences and choices. Awareness is on the rise regarding gender-related ideas on what to wear and how to behave; this holds for fashion, as well. Due to increased social awareness, unisex fragrances and great – even the best – unisex perfumes are making their presence felt in the market. Unisex perfumes have been in the market for a while, but they are becoming more popular now.


Why Unisex Rather than Gender-Specific Perfumes?

Gender tastes regarding fragrances can vary according to culture. Males in one culture may like a floral scent that’s specifically worn by females in another. Similarly, strong fragrances made for men can be worn by women in other countries. Despite our being male or female (or non-binary), remember that each of us has a masculine and feminine side to us; perhaps this is why the perfume industry is giving more attention to unisex fragrances these days. Certain brands that make the best unisex perfumes started off with gender-specific products and are still selling them; they’ve simply invested in an idea that is becoming popular with time and change in social values.

A perfume can become part of your identity, and as such, the idea that men and women must wear only fragrances specified for their gender has diminished: who knows which fragrance is perfect for your personality and tastes? Unisex perfume gift sets have made it easy for people to select a quality present without worrying about the receiver liking them or not.

The Hard Truth

The truth is that there is nothing that makes a perfume masculine or feminine; the whole idea is cultural rather than innate.  Becoming a more open society has given rise to accepting that more than two genders exist – and among other things, understanding that perfumes cannot be separated based on just two. While gender-specific fragrances are entrenched in society, unisex perfumes are on offer as well widening the range of options available.

Nothing stimulates our minds better than a fragrance; a brief hint of a certain scent can take us back to a time or moment in our past that captivated our feelings. Now, women do not always want to smell like a bouquet of flowers or a certain fruit; similarly, men don’t feel like they need to smell like leather all the time, either.


Final Word

We are living in a world where certain fragrance lovers go for genderless scents; they wear whatever they like. Best unisex perfumes have ditched the idea of ‘For Men’ and ‘For Women,’ and putting fragrance in a more centric place. It is difficult to dislodge the connection between specific notes and genders, but unisex perfumes certainly make for a more inclusive society.


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