Buying the best-scented candles is a matter of choice, just like finding your favourite fragrance; choosing a luxury scented candle can be tricky. Maybe you’re into gentle rose notes or enticed by the sleep-inducing effects of lavender, or you might settle for you a leather-spiced scent that you’ve been craving for so long.

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Here at Hamdah, we put a lot of time and expertise into crafting the perfect perfume scented candles that are distinctive and evocative. Our candles are infused with fragrances made from natural ingredients. Thus, allowing the scents to release rich and captivating aromas.

Whatever your scent preferences may be, we’re certain you’ll agree that there is absolutely nothing like a gentle flickering flame coming from a Perfume scented candle to set the mood at home, especially now when most of the time we’re indoors.