Sustainable Fragrances: What You Should Know

Sustainable Fragrances: What You Should Know

The word sustainable is often associated with other adjectives like clean, pure, natural, green, eco-friendly and others in the cosmetic and fragrance industry. However, it is a word that cannot be just thrown around. The word itself needs much understanding of carbon footprints along with other environmental impacts and assessments.

As far as the industry goes, the use of natural ingredients in perfumes has resurfaced, and the concept of sustainable fragrance has become a trending factor for perfumeries. Some of them have started blending fragrances using both natural and synthetic ingredients.

The question arises whether the aspect of sustainability can be applied to perfumes. If you are in tune with environmental impacts and the future of air pollution, then yes, you need to add sustainable fragrances to your dressing table.

What is Sustainable Perfume?

The phrase does not mean having rose petals inside your perfume bottle. It refers to a broader idea of using natural ingredients in perfumes or any other beauty product. A brand itself should hold genuine respect for the environment and social effectiveness by taking these few points in consideration:

  • Use such methods that are not harmful to the environment, so that the creative process continues for a more extended period and has minimal impact on the environment
  • Replace, reuse and recycle the packaging, ingredients, and waste produced from the manufacturing process
  • Choose local suppliers to reduce carbon footprints, fuel consumption, and emissions
  • Work with a supplier who follows strict rules for environmental sustainability

Perfume makers can take several methods and routes to sustainability. For example, they can acquire raw materials for sustainable perfumes through natural sources like essential oils, or avoid them entirely if no sustainable option is available. From the environmentally-minded consumer’s point of view, the only way to check the level of sustainability for the brand is by checking their level of transparency. While the idea is relatively young, several small brands have paved the way to show a more responsible way of perfume production and sourcing of the natural ingredients in perfumes. Most well-known brands have also begun taking steps towards sustainability. As an environmentally-concerned consumer, you do not need to stop using a fragrance, but rather be choosy when buying the next bottle. Look for brands that respect nature, and use naturally-sourced material for the production of sustainable perfumes and promote the idea around the industry.

A piece of advice: do not focus on various claims of naturally-harvested or 100% botanical, and natural ingredients for perfumes. They might be composed of such ingredients, but it would not indicate the level of sustainability. Instead, do your research and look for the policies, mission and whether the perfumeries give ethics a nod when ingredient-sourcing. Ask them about the source of the ingredient, and hear their answer. Their answer will help you determine how sustainable the perfume is.

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