The Characteristics of a Sustainable & Natural Ingredients Perfume

The Characteristics of a Sustainable & Natural Ingredients Perfume

For those of you who are new to the world of perfumes, you may think that a good perfume is associated with a well-known brand. While this may be true to some extent, the definition of a good perfume changes with time. Today, the trend of sustainable fragrance and the use of natural ingredients in perfumes have resurfaced due to the effects synthetic perfumes have on the environment. 


If your choice of fragrance is based on brand name only, it is time to chalk out a few characteristics of a good perfume. By learning about what makes a fragrance better, you can make a better choice by recognizing a high-quality fragrance. Here we list some key characteristics of a good perfume.


·       Wear Time

One of the major characteristics of a good quality sustainable fragrance is the wear time. When natural ingredients in perfumes are used, they stay longer on the skin by default. We recommend trying out some fragrances first before deciding on which to buy. Some stores will let you test the perfume on your skin so you can check how well it matches your body. Wear it for some time but don’t worry if you cannot smell it any longer; your nose has probably gotten used to the scent. Ask your friends how they like the fragrance on you, and figure out the time it has stayed on and is still noticeable.


·       Subtle Strength

A characteristic of an excellent sustainable fragrance is the strong aroma and strength of the scent. Adding more fragrance oil won’t’ not make it more durable, but instead will ruin the scent altogether. Look for an option that has an appealing scent present, that draws out subtle tones, and sets the mood. A strong scent will hint of masculinity or femininity. 


·        Original

An original perfume is instantly recognizable the moment you smell it. An artificial or copied scent may put a strain on your nose or be irritating to it. Original fragrances give a gentle and soothing aroma due to the presence of natural ingredients in them. Even if they have a strong scent, they will not have an irritating effect on you or others that smell it.  


·        Complexity

The more complex the notes of a sustainable perfume, the better the quality, as compared to a single note fragrance. Most sustainable fragrances are created using three layers of scents called notes that are usually combined with essential oils, natural ingredients for perfumes, and fixatives that lead to the top, middle and base note. Complexity is the combination of all these things and increases the staying power of the fragrance.

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