Why Unisex Fragrances are on the Rise – Unisex Fragrances for Men & Women

Why Unisex Fragrances are on the Rise – Unisex Fragrances for Men & Women

Today a sizable amount of the population has started to identify themselves as unisex because of the awareness of masculine and feminine traits in them. Even if you do identify yourself as single-gender, there are some common traits present in both the genders. Not every woman likes to smell like a bouquet, just as not every man wants to smell of lemon and cedar-wood. In the fragrance industry, perfumes are still labeled as his or hers based on the scent and smell; however, now most brands have introduced shared fragrances. This unisex fragrance has become a niche market and has been on the rise, lately.

Across the beauty products market, closing the gap is becoming more and common, especially when it comes to separate fragrances for men and women. We have been taught floral scents are associated with women, but now the best unisex fragrances for women have shown otherwise. A musky, gender-less fragrance hints of power for women who wear it. Similarly, the best unisex fragrances for men have shifted the trend towards a more smoky and spicy mix of perfumes too.

To understand the unisex attributes of fragrances, it is important to know that there is no defining characteristic that makes a fragrance feminine or masculine. The idea is more cultural rather than something inherent. A reason given for the rise of unisex fragrance is the shifting roles of the genders.

Gender Neutral Scents 

How could we associate fragrances with gender? Can we associate a floral scent with women, while associating a woody scent with only men? This question has given rise to unisex fragrances for the genders. The best unisex fragrances for men (some of them) give out the scent of sweet-smelling flowers while some of the best unisex fragrances for women have an aroma of nature.

A unisex perfume can just be alluring for men as for women, making them both feel powerful and passionate. A unisex fragrance is a choice to look into, if you are searching for something new, are tired of the same gender-specific smells, or if you want a fragrance to share with your partner. Gender-neutral scents have been on the rise and are becoming increasingly popular.

Final Words

The future of unisex fragrances looks good, as gender-specific stereotypes may not work for today’s fragrance market. So far, some high-end brands have exploited the idea and are dropping the gender stereotypes and designations. The lines between masculine and feminine blurs at some point. Women want to break away from floral scents in favor of more masculine-smelling fragrances and vice versa. There is a range of unisex perfumes for men and unisex perfumes for women that fulfill the desires of both genders without breaking the character traits.

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